My name is Jay and I am pretty cool, I guess.
Photography is my passion.
Playing guitar has been a new obsession.
College is just a distraction towards my teaching career.
I'm a writer, but not really. I just jot down whatever is in my head and heart.
I secretly want to be a photo journalist.
I love the feeling of being in love. That right there is my downfall, but it creates many words for me to pour out the brokenness of my heart.
I by far am in love with quotes..I try to live quotes. :)
Follow my tumblr and you just might get an ounce of who I am....
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    This is exactly what I needed to hear today.

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    From There’s A Reason We Only Use Square Cages by Emily Dehr.

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    Upon cleaning out the darkest depths of my grandmother’s fridge, I discovered food that is older than me. This expired in February… 1987. This can saw Reaganomics. This can saw The Challenger explode. It saw the fall of the Soviet Union. It was around when Tupac got shot. Both times. This can is older than The Simpsons. #bruh

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    why iphones gotta take two million years to turn back on after they die like you plug em in and you’re all ready to start texting again but they’re like “nope. i gotta take some time for myself. figure out who i am. you hurt me too much the last time. let me think.”

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    I needed a new toilet seat so I went on ebay and searched for “toilet seat unicorn”


    I’m so going to buy it.

    I bet yall didn’t believe me


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    Trail Entrance by Frank C. Grace (Trig Photography) on Flickr.

    all year round autumn/halloween blog!

  • What I say every morning before work

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